Superhero lingerie for women

Superhero lingerie for women

Superhero lingerie for women. There’s a reason Wonder Woman wears a bustier. Yes it’s sexy and it’s slimming but most importantly it’s empowering! She isn’t afraid to show off her curves. She wears them like badges of honor because she knows she’s a paragon of truth and justice (plus she can kick some serious butt). So take inspiration from an Amazon and don’t be afraid to flaunt what you’ve got. After all, strong women don’t just wear sexy superhero lingerie for the boys anymore . . . we wear it for ourselves.

Mild Mannered Woman by Day . . .

Geek Culture has exploded and literally taken over our streaming media. Shows like the Big Bang Theory, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (and Agent Carter), Arrow, and now Netflix’s Daredevil all feature strong, sexy women who know how to standout. You can capture some of that power by becoming a strong female comic book character yourself day . . . or night.

Sexy Superhero Costumes

Lets play

There’s nothing wrong with injecting geek culture into your play time. So slip into something sexy and sensual like this Wonder Woman bustier set and engage in a little naughty role play with your superhero or super heroine. Rescue the damsel in distress or break out the furry handcuffs and put the bad guys right where they belong—let your imagination run wild. But these high quality sexy superhero costumes aren’t just for the bedroom.

Sexy Superhero Costumes for Comic Con

If you’re the adventurous type, these sexy superhero costumes make eye-catching, head-turning cosplay on the con floor as well. And con season is coming up. Big Apple Comic Con, Emerald City Comic Con, WonderCon, and Florida SuperCon are all right around the corner.

Comic Con is coming up soon too (July 21st this year) but let’s face it, we all can’t be Yaya Han or Ivy Doom Kitty. Some of us have full time jobs that get in the way of our cosplay crafting. Getting your base costume delivered with the push of a button isn’t cheating—it’s just improvising! So be sure to order your sexy superhero costume today so you have time to find—or craft—the perfect add-ons and accessories.

Strapped for inspiration? This sexy Ivy costume is a stunner and the sequin Wonder Woman costume adds a little flash in all the right places. If you plan on attending Comic Con with a friend, pairing this deluxe crime fighting costume with the Miss Robin costume creates a Dynamic Duo that’d have Batman and Robin blushing.

Whether you’re in the market for a little something sexy to wear to a con (or in the hotel room afterward) or just something to add a little wonder to your private time, get inspired with these sexy superhero costumes.