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Sexy lingerie terms

Sexy lingerie terms. Corset – similar to the bustier, though older in origin and more defined in its use. Corsets were worn by men and women for the purpose of presenting a trimmer figure, particularly the waist. Traditionally laced from the back, servants or partners were needed to help pull the laces on the corset. Women still wear corsets for a shaped look, or as an item of erotic interest.

Now days many corsets have laces in the back and hook/eye or zipper fronts for ease in getting on or off. A corset can be made of various materials and will typically have some type of boning to give enhanced shape to the body. A corset may cover the breasts or might be a waist corset, starting below the breasts and ending above the belly button, leaving breast exposed for a more exotic look.


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Garter belt– Before the invention of panty hose, garter belts were essential for keeping hose held up. Today garters are worn more for their appeal and romantic value with thigh high hosiery. One can buy separate garter belts or purchase a corset or bustier with attached garters.

Bustier – designed to be worn under clothing, as an item to shape and enhance the bust while pulling in or shaping the waist. Most of these garments are strapless though there are models with removable straps. The addition of “boning”, thin strips of bone, in the lining of the garment added the shape needed to give the woman her desired shape.

Today we see bustiers as clothing items, think Madonna, under jackets and as delightful pieces of sexy lingerie to be worn in the privacy of one’s home. A bustier comes in several lengths; the longer version can help control the waistline and the upper hip area for a smoother look under clothes. For slender women the shorter length bustier works well.

Teddy – an all-in-one body garment developed in early 1900’s as a practical solution to bra and panties. Today teddies are worn mostly in the bedroom and come in lacy, sexy styles. A teddy is worn looser than a bodysuit type garment and can be pulled down by the shoulder straps. Many teddies do come w/ snaps in the crotch. The more exotic styles may have a crotchless feature along with other openings designed to be provocative. AS you can see here, teddies come in a wide variety of materials as well as exciting designs.

Teddy – an all-in-one body garment

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Camisole – or ‘cami’ is a shorter version of a chemise. It is a loose fitting undergarment similar to the top half of a slip. It can be worn under sheer clothing or jackets for added interest as well as covering for the more modest. We sell camisoles or cami-sets of top and panties. A camisole will not provide the same degree of shaping of a corset or bustier.

Thong/G-String– The two items are variations of a piece of clothing designed to cover the pubic area, leaving the back side exposed. Thongs have gained popularity for their look under tight clothing. There are no panty lines to contend with when wearing a thong. A g-string is similar, only the back piece of the item is more ‘string’ like. A g-string is normally only worn for ‘at-home’ pleasures and comes in many styles, fabrics and strappy options.

Chemise– a cross between a plain shift-type garment and a nightgown. Not quite slip, not quite a dress. Historically women wore chemises beneath corsets to absorb sweat and body oils. Today we think of a chemise as sexy lingerie, worn for the bedroom.

Babydoll– a nightie, short and sweet. They are designed strictly for sleepwear and sexy lingerie.