How to choose the right lingerie color

How to choose the right lingerie color

How to choose the right lingerie color. You want to think about what colors are flattering for you, just as you would with your street clothes. Your complexion and hair color will be enhanced by certain colors, washed out by others… this is not the time to feel like you’ve picked the wrong look.

Blondes with delicate complexions look best in pastel shades. Red heads are typically not going to look their best in reds and oranges. And, dark haired, dark skinned women will shine in deep vibrant colors.

But, really it’s all about what makes you feel good. Hold a swatch of the color up to your chin and see how you look. If it makes you look ‘washed out’ or tired then it’s not your best color choice. Buy something that seems to make you shine and that you know you’ll enjoy wearing. In reality, your partner’s going to be so turned on by your lingerie that he or she won’t notice whether the shade of blue complements your eyes.

Pick lingerie colors based on your mood and whether there is a special person you want to get a response from!

A sweet white number from our babydolls might let him/her know you’re being the ‘good girl’ tonight. A black leather corset says vroom! Hot, ready to go, and feeling adventurous. Powerful and sure of yourself. Anything red is all about romance and a touch of seduction. Red says come hither.

Pink can be a teasing color, or a delicate hint of sexiness. It would depend on what item you choose. If it’s a soft pink nightgown the message is more subtle. If you start to undress to reveal a hot pink bra and matching garter you’ve set the bar a little higher. Hot pink is… HOT!

Pink can be a teasing color

Hot pink is HOT!

Purple is the color of kings and queens. You can rule the world in purple and he’ll know it too. The color has a luxurious feel about it. We carry some very sexy exotic lingerie in purple, plus size intimates as well.

It’s fun to wear your sexy lingerie under work clothes. Color choice may depend on how comfortable you are showing lingerie. Traditionally lingerie was not designed to show but rather to shape and support a woman’s figure. White, flesh and black are standard colors for bras and panties. Flesh or nude colors will basically disappear under white or sheer clothing. And, no one would think of wearing a black bra under a light colored top. Only women of ill repute or women on old movies playing barmaids or show girls were seen in sexy intimates… We’ve come a long way.

Today styles are so different. Chemises and bustiers are frequently worn in layered fashion, intentionally peeking out from an unbuttoned top. And, you’ll see women wearing red bras under sheer fabric. Corsets can be worn as tops with jeans or skirts. The only rule to follow is to feel comfortable with your choices.