Find your lingerie style

Find your lingerie style

Find your lingerie style. Each type of lingerie has a distinct feel that should match the wearer’s style and mood. When you choose lingerie for yourself or as a gift, think about the wearer and what her style is, when making your decision on what to buy.

The Classic Type

You know the type, she wears classic, timeless clothing in traditional colors. No trendy ‘mod’ clothes for her. She likes a look that has tailored lines, without unnecessary ruffles or embellishments. The classic woman would look and feel great in a sophisticated, simple corset or bustier; on her edgier days she might wear it under a suit jacket. Classic lingerie options might also include long elegant nightgowns and sophisticated matching sets in black.

The Flirty Type

She’s the one with the fun, light-hearted look. Her clothes might feature ruffles and bows, she knows how to have a good time and is a bit of a tease. The best lingerie for her is frilly and all girl. The flirty type will love the look of our babydoll collection. Pastels would suit her style as well as this all-lace teddy. The peek-a-boo features of our Rated X lingerie are ideal for the flirty woman in you.

The Romantic Type

She loves candlelight, flowers, and romantic dinners for two. Her clothes may be old-fashioned, delicate and ultra-feminine. The romantic woman is going to love the old-fashioned look of brocade fabrics, lush satin and rich detailed lingerie. Another great look for her would be this satin bustier with lace trim, and garters in a rich royal black lacy trim. You might browse through our bridal collection for some thoughts on romantic outfits to please her.

Femme Fatale Type

Wikipedia defines the ‘femme fatale’ as an alluring and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire. She is a great lover of sexy lingerie, the more daring and naughtier the better. This kind of woman can carry off the most exotic lingerie we carry. She’s sultry and sensual in her choices and would look great in this vinyl garter belt or maybe a lacy bodystocking would rock her world. Hard-core hot outfits which show lots of flesh would be perfect for the femme fatale, like our leather lingerie line. Check out the leather teddies in fishnet and leather combinations, studded leather, as well as lots of straps and revealing details which are sure to please.

When you choose a piece of lingerie you’re making a daring statement about sexuality and your style…whether the purchase is just for your own personal satisfaction or to share with your lover. Picking the right outfits to make you feel good about how you look will bring you the most pleasure.